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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
I do think any immigration crackdown ought to focus on businesses that knowingly hire undocumented workers -- and most particularly on any that commit labor abuses in the process; and on punishing the business owners and managers complicit in the hiring, rather than on just grabbing the workers themselves.

But that's assuming there needs to be a crackdown, of which I'm not convinced.

In this case, you have a company where the thousands of franchisees are the ones responsible for the hiring; I'm sure there are some that are sloppy (deliberately or not) in checking credentials, but the same could be said of any number of other small businesses. Unless there's strong reason to expect that 7-11's corporate management is somehow encouraging or knowingly allowing such hiring, then targeting a chain like this seems more like a publicity stunt.
7-11 franchises was at one time known for hiring anyone at all with no application or background check, and paying people from the register on Friday. I also know a few gas stations who do the same. I know one business who would claim all the employees were family, not employees. So yes, they need to crack down on those employers. My most recent job I was one of two American born employees, including the franchise owner, but everyone there had papers, a social security number and payed taxes. And when I talked to the owner about it last week, he said he wouldn't have minded if they came in to check him, if it would get rid of the unscrupulous employers.
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