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Originally Posted by Tenko View Post

I actually got this from a local paper, Phenomenews. Mistake comes from the movies. When someone got a take wrong, it was a mistake. Eventually, those people began using it whenever they got anything wrong and the use of the word mistake to mean an accident spread until it became the word we know today.

The Phenomenews likes to pass glurge as truth, so that's enough to make me suspicious of this to begin with. That, and according to, the word mistake has been in use since the 1600s and I don't think anyone was making any movies, then.

Still, is there a chance that any part of the story is true, like, maybe mistake wasn't a commonly used word, but after the movies, it became more commonly used? Were messed up takes even called mistakes?
From the Online Etymology Dictionary:

mistake (v.)
c.1330, from O.N. mistaka "take in error, miscarry," from mis- "wrongly" (see mis- (1)) + taka "take." The noun is attested from 1638.
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