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Originally Posted by Sue View Post
How presidential of him. Undermines the Secretary of State and childishly taunts another world leader (even if that world leader needs to be led off to a very well sealed room with lots of locks on the door) in the same tweet. I still cannot believe there are actually people out there who think his tweets are signs of positive presidential action.
I can't believe that there are people who still believe that Donald Trump is some kind of eleventh-level chess player and all these hissy fits, on and off Twitter, are secretly Machiavellian strokes of genius.

It's probably some kind of defense mechanism. They have to believe that the system is strong and impossible to beat, so anyone who does, must be some kind of supergenius. They don't want to admit that the system is much more fragile than they think, and that it wouldn't take much work to hijack it, especially if you have a shitton of cash and a corrupt foreign government willing to go to bat for you.

Easier to believe you got schooled by a Magnificent Bastard Chessmaster, than admit that you were done in by an insanely lucky idiot.
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