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Well, I think yours is by far the majority opinion, Beachlife. IMO it amounts to a kind of magical or superstitious thinking that some "essence" of Van Gogh is transferred to the objects.

I don't see that as a value judgement. I don't really see superstitious or magical thinking as something to necessarily avoid or disparage. I just don't always want to participate. Van Gogh I can kind of get even though I'd be just as satisfied with a perfect copy. OTOH, I hate memorabilia cults but I feel like, meh, if (g)you want to pay way way too much for the baseball, knock yourself out... I would see the price difference between the 'original' Van Gogh and a perfect copy as a ripoff, except, of course as an investment to dupe others. But these things are highly personal. I get that we all have our special irrational feelings. (I definitely have plenty of my own.)
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