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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
You're starting to sound a bit like Walter Benjamin.
Agreed, but many of us do still have those irrational and superstitious beliefs, at least on a gut level. At the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, you can touch a piece of Moon rock. I'm sure there's lots of similar rock on Earth, but dammit, I touched a Moon rock!
No, that is not comparable to what I'm saying. For starters, I never said an exact copy of your moon rock would make your moon rock less real. It just means there are more of them with equal value. Other people can touch one too and, perhaps, experience the same thrill you did.

Here we have to be clear about the difference between market value and aesthetic or artistic or cultural (etc) value. The fact that there is only one copy of a certain Wu Tang album increases its market value, not necessarily the others! The fact that someone sits on a stockpile of diamonds that would destroy the market in one day does not make diamonds any less 'special' except to people who have never actually appreciated a diamond.

Also, while I'm sure it often comes off as so, I am not saying that irrational things are bad. I fall in love too and it is not bad; it's the best. Recognizing that love is irrational doesn't ruin the experience for me or take away from its value. I don't see why it should.

We don't have to wait for some science fiction world for this to happen. We already have petabits of digital art where a copy is exactly the same as the 'original'. (ETA Obviously not talking about digital copies of analog art here. I mean where the art is based only on the data.) It hasn't destroyed art or killed its 'aura' or whatever, again, except for those who can only see market value rather than the art itself.

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