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Originally Posted by Alarm View Post
With something with multiple parts like a boat, it gets trickier and the witty answer of 'exactly halfway" is just that, a witty answer.

If there are 201 boards, 7 ribs, 3 masts, etc...where exactly is "halfway"?
I honestly didn't think he was being witty, but attempting to maintain a world view in which no true paradoxes existed. I'm sure he would have an answer about where halfway was.

Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
Without some kind of animism or object homeopathy, why should it matter that that's an actual sweater worn by Fred Rogers? An excellent replica is exactly the same for all purposes (except those that rely on those irrational and superstitious claims known as memorabilia).
You're starting to sound a bit like Walter Benjamin.
Agreed, but many of us do still have those irrational and superstitious beliefs, at least on a gut level. At the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, you can touch a piece of Moon rock. I'm sure there's lots of similar rock on Earth, but dammit, I touched a Moon rock!
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