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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
... Are there Irish people who refuse to call themselves Irish?
Interestingly enough, in the Philadelphia of the 1930's and '40's, my father was embarrassed enough of his Irish descent that he told friends that he was "Welsh". In his experience, Irish was indeed a negative term. We, as a family are long past that now. The whole "Welsh" thing is now a family joke.

Originally Posted by Avril View Post
Indeed, there would never be a sports team named The Crackers.
As alluded to in subsequent posts, there have been several teams named the Crackers, the first of which was the Atlanta Fire Crackers, which were owned by the Chief of the Atlanta Fire Department (who would later become the Mayor). The ones that followed may or may not have been named after that team, but in all I believe there were 4 different teams named the Crackers in Atlanta, including the Black Crackers of the negro league.

I agree that the term Redskins is a racially charged word, and should probably be changed. Same for the Braves, although the only Native American reference you will find in Turner field now-a-days is the tomahawk logo. It seems that the team is attempting to distance themselves from the racially offensive parts of the name without giving up the name of the longest continually operating sports franchise in America .

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