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Applause, applause, Magdalene!

I clawed my way into the middle class myself. I know I had advantages some other people didn't have. But sometime last year, after I'd moved into a proper apartment, with legal occupancy and responsible management in a safe place, I looked around and...hey, wait a minute, no credit card debt! Plus I have a retirement plan! And really good health insurance! My goodness, my life is stable!

Stability took the first 33 years of my life to find, and it was a very long haul with detours due to (among other things) total collapse of the world economy when I was about 27. But I no longer live in the one-paycheck-to-the-next-let-me-put-car-repairs-on-this-MasterCard land, and if my pipes freeze someone does something about it, and I have heat in the winter!

Even though my employer already makes contributions to a 401(a) for me, several months ago, feeling like I was venturing into a completely new world, I opened a Roth IRA. And there is money left over each month to put in it. And it actually earns a return! And it looks like someday I will drop dead, for real, no kidding, retire. And not starve.

Here's to us. And good hairdressers. (I owe mine a visit, too.)
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