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Originally Posted by guruwan2b View Post
Looks like it follows I-35 thru OK.
~~~~guru glances over to see the interstate~~~~
Nope, hasn't changed in years. Still 2 lanes northbound and 2 lanes southbound.
That doesn't change the fact that interests are still working together to implement it. Perhaps you haven't heard about Oklahoma DOT's 2005 - 2030 Statewide Intermodal Transportation Plan? It advocates improving the transportation system in Oklahoma with "trade corridors" for "economic development" reasons.

It seems that this conceptual map in .pdf format titled Improvement Cooridor Map matches up with all other proposed NAFTA Superhighway maps quite nicely.

Furthermore according to the document entitled Intermodal Element Policies, Strategies, and Project Concepts this "economic development plan" also calls for a similar expansion of highway, and rail capacity just like the Trans Texas Corridor.

Perhaps you should take the opportunity to participate in ODOT's Public Participation Plan for Statewide Inter-Modal Plan that they announced about two weeks ago. It will give you the opportunity to voice your concerns about the Oklahoma Inter-Modal/NAFTA Superhighway/corridor thing before they start tearing up I-35 the next time you happen to glance over at it.
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