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Originally Posted by Open Mike Night View Post
for the most part, doesn't this already exist? Granted, it's no ten lane superhighway (and i can't see why you would need that many lanes) but the pan-american highway already runs from Alaska to Chile. . . .
It runs through California, Oregon, and Washington: blue states. The Republicans want it to go through red states, most importantly Texas.

Okay, I'm only half joking. Those who have read their history will remember exactly the same debate over the route of the first trans-continental U.S. railroad: southern states favored a southern route, northern states favored a northern route, etc. It is not entirely fanciful to wonder if this is an effort to divert the trade economy away from the "Left Coast."

(And, lest you consider me too paranoid, remember that the great energy scam has already been proven: energy costs were manipulated in order to steal money from California.)

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