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Originally Posted by Canuckistan View Post
Instead of. Definitely instead of.

In times of disaster, it's much more important to get people food, water and shelter compared with a book the vast majority of them have already heard of. To me, this kind of mass Bible delivery smacks of misguided priorities at best, and slacktivism at worst.
Perhaps if it was some organization doing it that could easily do something else. But for bible publishers like thomas nelson? I completely disagree with you. The bottom line is that there were many people in N.O. after katrina who wanted a bible. (Even though, you are surely right, most had already heard of it, as is customary religious practice they would want to have it and actually read it again, and their own copy was likely destroyed with all their other belongings). So if there are katrina victims wanting bibles, and you are a bible publisher, you really have two choices: you can give them bibles for free, or you can sell bibles to them. Companies like Nelson chose the former, and I don't see how anyone could reasonably accuse them of making the wrong choice on that one.
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