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The phrase "crates of bibles" seems to have come from a New York Times Local Officials Criticize Federal Government Over Response. New Orleans refugees who were evacuated to Houston found problems at the Astrodome but at least "in Houston, there were hot showers, crates of Bibles and stacks of pizzas, while in New Orleans, many refugees scrounged for diapers, water and basic survival." (emphasis added)

The bibles themselves appear to have come from an number of sources: Three Adventist Book Centers/ 8,000 Bibles Distributed to Huricane Katrina Evacuees

Thomas Nelson, publishers of religious books. Thomas Nelson’s Disaster Relief Efforts "First, we will donate 100,000 Bibles to the relief efforts. Why Bibles? This afternoon, an official in Baton Rouge said on Fox News, “We need water, food, ... and Bibles.” This is something I knew we could help with. "

World Bible Translation Centre sent "a shipment of 100,000 Bibles to survivors of Hurricane Katrina in a bid to aid their spiritual recovery, reports Mission Network News...[Gary Bishop of the WBTC] said that on evacuating the New Orleans Superdome people asked first for food and water, but then for Bibles. He said this was a sign that people were starting to grasp the scale of the loss and were now seeking the answers."

The American Bible Society "Thanks to the generous support from friendslike you, over 1.5 million Bibles, Children's Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture Portions were shared with hurting souls from New Orleans to Houston to Dallas to Atlanta and all points in between."

With a bit of hunting, you can find a number of religious groups that collected Bibles and/or donations to provide Bibles to Katrina victims.

ETA: The connection between Bibles & the Bush administration seems to have come from the fact that FEMA produced a list of charities to which people could donate to help Katrina victims. Most of the charities were "faith based." One of those charities listed was OPeration Blessing, associated with evangelist Pat Robertson. There are comments out there about how that will probably result in bibles being given to victims instead of more practical aid.

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