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As someone who works in a food bank, I find this story kind of irritateing. I would never want to discourage charity, but from hunger relief point of view, this was like handing someone with pneumonia a cough drop and then congratulateing yourself on what a great thing you did. Hunger in this country is a chronic problem. If this theoretical family didn't have enough money to buy food for Thanksgiving, then they probably don't have enough money to buy sufficient food any other day either. Also, why were they whispering to each other over the phone?

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This reminds me of an FOAF/glurge story that came from my sister's coworker. Apparently this coworker at one time had no money to feed her three kids and refused to apply for food stamps, because gubmint programs are teh ebil. So she went to the parking lot of a large shopping center and started looking in people's back seats. And--praise God!--she found three or four cars with bags of groceries in the back seats, whose owners--praise God!--had left the doors unlocked. She took just a little from each car, and was able to feed her family for the week without resorting to talking to the unsaved at DSHS.
This story doesn't surprise me at all. I recently got a call from a man who refused to go apply for SNAP because he was convinced that he wouldn't qualify on the grounds that he wasn't a stereotypical drug-addicted minority with 10 kids. Finally, after me telling him I couldn't help him 5 or 6 times, he said, "Well, I'll just go steal some food then," and hung up on me. (Other highlights form that conversation included, "Does that black guy still work there? He'd help me out." And "I won't qualify for food stamps because I work for my money.")
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