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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
I entered the parking lot. I noticed a big sign in the grocery store window: Turkeys - 29 cents a pound.

"This is the place, Lord" I whispered. I grabbed my box of coupons, went inside, secured two buggies, and headed to the frozen foods. The turkeys were indeed on sale, but I discovered one big problem. When I read the sign posted on the freezer door my heart sank. "Limit one."

"But I need two," I uttered to myself. I decided to find the manager. I explained the problem. He made an exception.

After tossing a turkey in each buggy, I began my shopping fury.
Wouldn't it have made more sense to buy one turkey and buy everything else (and place all of these items in ONE cart), take those items out to the car, and re-enter the store to buy the second turkey?

To my surprise, I had enough money. I was even able to purchase a package of cookies for the five-year-old who had stolen my heart, even though I had never met her.
Considering that the narrator had never met the five-year-old, and seemed to know nothing about her, how on earth did the girl steal the narrator's heart? Also, why weren't the older children getting anything special? They were going through hard times, too.
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