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Originally Posted by NobleHunter View Post
Some of the symptoms sound pretty nasty.

Though since gaming can be self-medicating I wonder how they'd separate it out from any underlying conditions.
I wonder how long it will take before several similar conditions are conflated into one 'addictive personality' disorder that includes obsessive gambling, obsessive gaming, obsessive online activity checking, certain kinds of personal body-oriented habit formations that don't include eating disorders or body dismorphic disorders, habitual cleaning or organising that isn't caused by obsessive compulsive disorder, obsessive risk-taking behaviours that aren't caused by underlying conditions such as bipolar personality disorder or attention deficit disorder (such as feeling the need to keep doing extreme sports in order to feel pleasure, etc)... and anything else that is blatantly disordered and yet doesn't fit the mould of a pre-existent condition.

For instance, I bite the skin on my fingers obsessively. This is linked to no pre-existent condition and yet it has the potential to cause me harm in the form of an infection and takes time out of my life while I like awake at night trying to 'even out' the bitten skin. This habit can easily transfer to other habits, such as the compulsion to play solitaire until stupid-o'clock-in-the-morning or the compulsion to lie awake cutting off split ends in my hair and feeling genuinely upset when I can no longer find any. If I am out walking I find it upsetting to turn back even if I'm drenched in icy cold rain. I find it very difficult to stop doing an activity I find satisfying even if I'm aware the activity is detrimental is some way. I definitely have an addictive personality, which is why I've always steered clear from recreational drugs.

I wouldn't be surprised if the sufferers of obsessive gaming also find their addiction is transferable and always excessive, regardless of whether it involves video games or supposedly healthy outdoor pursuits.

Some people just find it harder to say enough is enough when it comes to their hobbies or habits. That in itself could be the disorder.
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