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Yeah, don't get me wrong. I don't think there's any truth to the notion that the Sawx got to skip 10 days in the middle of the season. As noted, MLB wouldn't have allowed that in a million years. It's worth noting that on occasion, the league *does* take scheduling concerns into account (for example, both the Democratic and Republican convention coincided with long road trips for the home teams of the cities the conventions were at). Occasionally, individual athletes will sit out games due to holidays (Sandy Koufax missing Yom Kippur being a prime example, although Hakeem Olajuwon would also miss fast days during Ramadan when Ramadan conflicted with the NBA schedule, and there have been many, many more ballplayers) (another guy I can think of is Danny Thomas, nicknamed "The Sundown Kid" because his religion required him to stop partaking in manual labor from sundown Saturday night until sunup Monday morning). But entire teams? Nope, no way. Not a chance.
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