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Facebook must already have lots of photos of any given person, though. That idea does make a lot more sense, but all they would need for that would be a reference photo of your face, and an option for "don't let nude photos (of me) be uploaded".

They could deal with false positives and consent issues just by flagging when it happened and letting people approve pictures individually, and so on. It might run into difficulties with people standing in the background of beach photos and so on, but the issue of facial recognition in the photos of people who are complete strangers to each other is already there - Google can do that already, but doesn't in the UK or Europe thanks to data protection laws. I don't know whether they make it visible to users of the US version of their photo app, but it's obvious that the capability exists.

My brother uses an American proxy to access the app because he likes the feature, and once you've labelled a friend in one or two photos you've uploaded, you can search for the friend and find them in any photo to which you have access, whether they're labelled or not. It's clear that would extend to any picture in their database whether or not you have access to it, and that it's only the privacy settings stopping you from seeing people you know in the backgrounds of strangers' photos.
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