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Originally Posted by geminilee View Post
No, the Bible doesn't say anything about pi . What it does have is a description of a table, I forget who's. The table is described as being some measure across, and half that measure times 3 around. (I also forget the numbers used, and I am too lazy to google it.) For some literalists it is inconceivable that it could just be an approximation for ease, so they argue that pi must be three, in defiance of fairly easily testable reality.
Honestly, the only people I've ever seen argue that this passage says that pi equals 3 are non-believers trying to debunk the Bible, who ignore that this is likely an approximation, and also that the object might just possibly not be a perfect circle (you know, the kind that exist only in theory). Only with perfect circles would the circumference be pi times the diameter, never with man-made circular objects.

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