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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: RE: Rare pink dolphin

You call the story true - and it may well be - but there is a very
questionable assumption in it:

The article states that the albino dolphin appears pink because blood
vessels under its blubber are giving a pink tone to its flesh.

This ignores every American kid's elementary school biology - blood isn't
red under the skin, it's blue until it makes contact with the air.
To be fair, this dupe's problem could be poor math and science lessons, rather than a lack of them. I was also told that blood returning to the heart from the extremities was blue. I never believed it, because I had seen blood from a nicked vein and capillary, but almost all my classmates did. After all, if the book says it, and the teacher says it...who are you gonna believe, them or your own lyin' eyes?
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