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Originally Posted by Johnny Slick View Post
First off, look at a picture of Bonds from 1991 compared to now. He's obviously been taking Human Growth Hormone which *does* yes DOES cause the body to add bone mass to some parts of the body (FWIW Roger Clemens exhibits similar late-career "growth" and I am similarly skeptical of him). From wikipedia:
This is more in response to the post you were responding to because I haven't looked closely at their photos to see if what you're saying is true. Bones continue to increase in density and thickness (slowly) for a long time after they've stopped growing in length. So many people have noticeably thicker skulls and bones in their 40s than in their 20s. As I said, I don't know if the growth you're talking about was unusually late or pronounced but I wanted to dispell the idea that bones necessarily stop thickening in the teens or early twenties. (Bones also grow thicker with use. Maybe Bonds has been breakdancing a lot!)
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