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In terms of numbers that fans remember, I bet far, far more know what 755 means than what 511 means.
And I'm also guessing that far more know what 61 means than however many it was that Bonds hit in his record breaking year.

And personally I prefer the 3-6-3 double play and the suicide squeeze,
Any double play is exciting, but my favorites are the ones where someone is doubled off of a base followed by a spectacular catch. I also thoroughly enjoy the strike out/caught stealing variety, and I competely forgot to mention how exciting it is to watch my team's pitcher mow down opponents with strikeout after strikeout.

As far as the suicide squeeze goes, it's probably the most painful play to lose to in all of sports.


So it wasn't, um, the strike?
The strike was the somewhere towards the beginning in a long series of events. Expansion and interleague play had a lot to do with it as well, and so did what I perceived to be a decline in defense (this may only be perception on my part). Plus, watching a pitchers duel is fun, but when the first 7 inning take an hour and a half and the last 2 take two more hours because of all of the pitching changes, I tend to drink too much beer. I don't think it is a coincidence that I quit drinking and I quit watching baseball at about the same time. Finally, the extra tier in the playoffs makes the post season a lot less exciting. The baseball season is 162 games long. That's almost too long. Adding an extra playoff tier made it too long. The extremely long, drug out playoff seasons in the NBA and the NHL have driven me away from those sports as well.
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