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Zero marked as unread I can, and do, get to really easily. All of those ~2000 had been at least glanced at, enough to tell whether I needed to do anything about them urgently.

The problem is that the result in my head of glancing at a lot of them was 'I ought to read that more thoroughly later and/or make a note in relevant place about that info' and/or 'I might (or might not) go to that meeting/deal with that survey/vote on that issue/call my Congresscritter/etc. but I'm not going to do it right this minute.' -- a lot of the accumulation is farm newsletters or links to them, and some of the rest is order shipping notifications, planning board issues, sale offers from companies I do sometimes order from, and so on: often a reply's not needed, but I might want to note some of the information someplace. And the thing might be time-sensitive, so I should delete it in a week or a month or whatever whether or not I did something about it, but when there's too much in there I start not getting around to checking whether a particular old email's only in there for that sort of reason. Now that I can flag in multiple colors I'm going to pick a color for 'this is only kept due to a dated event'; that should help some. (I already have more email folders on the sidebar than I really want to be dealing with.)
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