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I don't think she said exactly what her autorespond message is. She acknowledged that it would not be an excuse for a missed deadline, and wouldn't work for all jobs. She gave examples of others' messages, and an example of the kind of message one could send to friends and family. She talked about a message that sets expectations.

I think, regardless of what one thinks is ideal, communicating about what will actually happen is very important. For example, an autoresponse that says you don't have time to keep up with reading all emails, and that if the communication concerns: a job, an active project, or [other important category], you request that the person contact you in X alternate way, seems like it would serve a useful function. And even if a prospective employer won't be impressed with an auto-reply, they may be more impressed with instructions on how to effectively reach the person using an alternate method than if their [important category] email never got a response at all.

I would not use an auto-reply method, but my limited circle of family and friends generally knows how to reach me if they want a quick response. For me, my personal email is not that method -- at least not by itself. A heads up via text that an email is coming that requires a timely response works. I tend to treat email as more for things requiring documentation of some kind.
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