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Bang Head

Surely most of the author's 400 e-mails a day are spam, or at least recurs with certain patterns that would make it easier to sort out the chaff? Does she not have a spam filter? Has she not heard of things like auto-filtering (so that, say, the routine bank statements/auto-pay receipt notification/whatever don't clobber the inbox)?

I get it can be hard, but it's harder when you're not taking full advantage of the technology. Seriously, she writes mockingly of "strange rituals" that the "inbox zero" folks are supposed to engage in, but never once do the words "filter" or "spam" appear in her diatribe. What qualifies her to even write this article, other than being terrible at managing her correspondence? Does she have to encourage others to do the same?

Absolutely terrible.


But if you tell me what your desired end state is, I could probably make a case for her "solution" being objectively terrible, unless the desired end state is frustration and/or miscommunication.
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