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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
Meh, use all purpose, call them scones, and get over it. (Or go with ASL's solution. Unfortunately not available to me.) There's hardly anything simpler to make than biscuits so I don't really see the point in getting fancy about it. As long as they're warm and edible.
"As long as they're warm and edible" may be sufficient for some people but not others.

Telling other people what they ought to want to eat is rarely useful. Telling people who have a strong preference for a particular flavor and/or texture that they shouldn't have such preferences isn't likely to be useful either.

I've neither eaten a proper sampling of various cooks' southern biscuits, nor eaten the ones made from the can, so I can't comment on the degree of similarity in that particular case. I will say that I've eaten some very good homemade white rolls, and they were, to my taste, nothing like the ones made from a can. Others' tastebuds and sense of texture may of course vary.
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