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Since we seem to have drifted away from IHOP or b or whatever, a funny story.

On one trip, the eating place closest to our hotel was a Waffle House. For those of you who have never been to one, the grills are right in full view of all the diners. My wife was not impressed by them as it seems they ask you if you want more butter on your fried grease.

Next night we drove to a nearby mall that had a Japanese hibachi restaurant where the grill is a part of the dining area. As the chef was preparing our dinners, my wife leaned over to me and said "Just like Waffle House." A young couple looking like they were are the first date, was seated next to us. The woman noticed I was laughing and trying not to do it out loud. So I leaned over and whispered my wife's comment to her. She started giggling and passed the comment on. Both were now laughing. We were whispering because we didn't not want to interrupt the chef's well timed patter. Plus the chef had large knives.
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