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Last night I saw an old, beat up, 1990s era Lincoln Town car stretch limo in traffic. I can't imagine an actual limo company would actually use a limo that was in such poor condition, which made me wonder if someone was using an old limo as personal transportation. That might actually qualify as an odd thing I saw.

Since I have the day off today I went to see a movie this afternoon. The theater is in a local mall, and in the parking garage I saw a Porsche, I guess it must have been a 718 Boxter. I'm not really up on their newest models. Although honestly Porsches aren't all that uncommon around here, so I was debating whether it was noteworthy.

Since we talked about Teslas in the other thread before this one got started, there's also a whole row of Tesla chargers in the parking garage. All but two spots were taken by various Tesla models -- mostly the Models S, mut some Model 3s and Xs as well.
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