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Originally Posted by snopes View Post
Comment: In The Lottery, you stated that the odds of having 9-1-1 come up as the
winning number were 1 in 1000. I am not a statistician but I believe that
your calculations would be correct if there were only 10 balls each having
a digit from 0 to 9 on it. However, when there is a chance of obtaining a
number more than once I believe that would greatly increase the odds.
That's why you're not a statistician... since if there were only 10 balls each with a digit from 0-9, obtaining 9-1-1 would be impossible since once the ball is removed it does not re-enter. however when there are 10 balls in a drum, the odds of receiving a specific ball in that drum is 1 in 10, you do that 3 times, 10x10x10=1000.

and I learned that in high school statistics... nor am i a statistician (closest I come is a PnP RPGer...)
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