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If that was a response to my post, my writing was too convoluted and/or you misread. I didn't say he was shot for reasons unknown--he was shot for the reasons you said and more.

The reasons unknown comment was about why the FBI agent fired at the truck as Finicum got out and then he and other agents engaged in a criminal cover-up of that fact.

Perhaps I also need to clarify that I don't think Finicum was secretly shot by the FBI and that OSP and County law enforcement are all elaborately conspiring to say that he was shot by the OSP officers. That is silly, contrary to verifiable facts, and is a typical "conspiracy theory" kind of ridiculous narrative. But there was actually a conspiracy connected to the shooting. That's what I was getting at. The agents who covered up those two shots conspired to do so. And from the video of them huddling up and then one agent going and collecting the brasses, it was a big and fairly proveable conspiracy.

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