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Originally Posted by lord_feldon View Post
It's LaVoy Finicum. He was involved in that standoff at the wildlife refuge in Oregon, and was shot during the attempt to apprehend him. The FBI was present, but he was shot by Oregon State Police officers.
Finicum was shot by OSP officers, but, for unknown reasons and providing nearly limitless fodder for conspiracy theorists, the investigation into the shooting, while clearing the OSP officers, also revealed that a member of the FBI HRT had fired on the vehicle, then concealed that fact. I believe the investigation revealed two shots, both of which struck the truck as Finicum exited. The brasses were picked up by an FBI agent, and the shooter did not disclose that he had fired any shots, nor did any of the other agents who might have known. With the agents not revealing that one of them had fired, their weapons and ammunition were not inventoried. The US DOJ Office of the Inspector General is investigating the agents involved.

Unsurprisingly, this fits into a narrative where Finicum was taken out by FBI snipers, and then it was elaborately (but pretty ineptly) covered up by a large group of people.

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