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Originally Posted by 2334Paydan View Post
Oh spare me the crap about it being a hallowed record.

Aaron played his entire career when uppers were pushed on and used by every mlb player nearly everyday, and they were a performance enhancing drug, yet you don't hear anything about them. Well, they were included in the banned substances list adopted by mlb, but only as an afterthought and after
a majority of the players bitched and screamed against them being banned.

Re: Bonds cheating and everyone knowing that he's cheating.

Ok, if everyone knows that he cheats and used 'roids, that would mean that the commissioner and the powers that be at major league baseball also knew/know this. So why don't they suspend him or ban him from the game.

And here's the thing that puzzles me. Many of the Bonds haters bleat and shriek that the obvious evidence for his using 'roids is that his body shape has changed dramatically, going from a slim, lithe well toned body to a bulked up muscle packed frame and that the size of his head has increased dramatically.

First off, the head thing is a bunch of crap, simply because the head can't increase in size at Bonds age because the bones in the skull stopped growing over 35 years ago.

But let's just say for the sake of argument that Bonds was doing 'roids, and that's why his body changed in appearence and why he bulked up so much.

Well, I'd say it's safe to assume that Bonds is getting tested regularly for 'roids these days and that he isn't using them, yet his body has maintained the same appearence. Same bulky muscle. Explain that.

Everything I've read about roids says that if you go off of them for an extended period of time, you will lose the muscle mass that you had built up.

Oh yeah, Pete Rose is a scumhound, plain and simple.

He still maintains that he didn't do anything wrong
Actually, Derek Zumsteg ran a study in his book The Cheater's Guide To Baseball that demonstrated how, in 2002, Bonds' homerun production went down by about half during the period he wasn't taking steroids (in Game of Shadows, the authors show that he was on a three-weeks on, one-week off steroid regimen and he complained he didn't feel right during the one week off). This held up even when compared to 3-week/one-week splits from 1998, when Bonds wasn't using.

Also, I don't think your head gets smaller after you've stopped taking HGH. Once you've morphed your body (and as much as you want to argue that Bonds looks the same now as he did in '01, he looks like a completely different person than he did in 1995). Steroids themselves only help your work out longer and recover more quickly from your workouts. Once you've gained all that muscle mass, you don't necessarily need to work as insanely strenuously as Bonds did before to keep it. Or maybe he's found a substance that current steroids tests can't detect.

As for Bonds maintaining he didn't do anything wrong, please. Pete Rose didn't admit that he bet on the game until a couple years ago, and that's despite the Dowd Report, which is about as conclusive as you can make a report be. There is a mentality among some athletes that the people who watch them are idiots who will believe anything they say because after all, they are the greatest people in the world. They are not totally wrong on this point.
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