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We do withdraw when Little One bites or scratches, but she doesn't really do either, at least to me. She will grab at my hand with her teeth, or swat at me with her claws out, but I follow the advice of a show I saw a long time ago and freeze. This is the exact opposite of what she is trying to get - prey would struggle, if she's trying to hurt you you would react - and every time I do it, without fail, she stops. Then I warn her, "No claws," or "Don't bite," and if she does it again I stop petting her, which annoys her but she has learned that only swats with claws in are okay. She will occasionally try to bite my hand, but it seems to be a game, because as soon as I freeze with her teeth barely touching it she sits back with a contented expression and wants me to pet her some more.
I do agree with pissed off Cat. If you have ignored more subtle hints they will swat you or bite you.
They are perfectly capable of learning which things they aren't supposed to scratch. She gets a few treats every morning for using her scratching thing, which I got her to use with techniques from B.F. Skinner. Now she only scratches what she isn't supposed to to get yelled at and she is already racing upstairs.
I recently discovered that she lurves having a ping-pong ball thrown down the hall. You should give it a try.
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