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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
Ah. So you're new to cat "ownership," eh CenTex? There are things you can do about all of those things, but you should temper your expectations. I used to say that the best you can expect is to train a cat to not do certain things while you're looking at them. (And even then, you might get a cat who will make a point of doing them while you're looking at them. . . .)
Yes, yes I am. My daughter really wanted a cat. There was a litter born in our neighborhood to a female that was supposed to be spayed. He took up residence in another neighbor's garage, and so we "adopted" him from that neighbor. Original owner was fine with it as they were trying to get rid of them anyway. He is sort of a rescue, except he never was actually in a shelter.

He is really sweet and cute, purrs at the drop of a hat, and will "knead biscuits" with his paws. He gets along well with our dog, but he can be ornery.

ETA: He hasn't swatted or appeared agitated so much as rough playfulness. He is playing, but it hurts!
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