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Ah. So you're new to cat "ownership," eh CenTex? There are things you can do about all of those things, but you should temper your expectations. I used to say that the best you can expect is to train a cat to not do certain things while you're looking at them. (And even then, you might get a cat who will make a point of doing them while you're looking at them. . . .) For biting and scratching, my approach is to try to do the socialization the cat might not have gotten as a kitten. So if he bites or scratches, make a loud (high pitched, not scary) "Ow!" sound and withdraw your attention from the cat--put him down, turn your back, whatever.

It occurs to me as well that if you're new to cat keeping, you might not know the signs that a cat is getting agitated or overstimulated. If you miss those signs, then it's not really the cat's fault that he has to escalate his communication from the more subtle to the more overt. (I.e., if he's been telling you in cat to back off for over a minute, and you keep riling him up until he swats at you, then it's more on you to learn to read the signs than it is to teach him not to swat.)

As far as scratching furniture, many scratching posts/pads/etc. has been my solution. If the cat scratches something he's not supposed to, remove him to one of the scratching posts. Lather, rinse, repeat.

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