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I'm not sure this has been brought up, 'cause I just came to this thread and it's getting a little long.

The claim has been made than Rose only bet on the Reds to win. How do we know this? Do bookies keep and maintain detailed records of a client's transactions? Or is this another lie?

He broke the rules, plain and simple. He broke those rules knowing full well it would keep him out of the HoF. I have no sympathy towards the man. It's a shame, for sure, but he did it to himself.
Well the Dowd report had among it's many pieces of evidence, betting slips showing that Rose had bet on the Reds. That in and of itself was a violation of the rule THAT IS POSTED IN EVERY SINGLE MAJOR LEAGUE CLUBHOUSE. It's the only rule posted in every single major league clubhouse and has been there since Rose came into the major leagues.

Whether or not Rose bet on the Reds to win is irrelevant.

Some assjack fans used this as "proof" that what Rose did wasn't so bad and therefore he didn't deserve to be banned.

The fact that he bet on major league baseball games, including games involving his own team is the core of the matter.

As for it being a shame, please. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was fully and completely conscious of his actions and he knew it was wrong and violated the rules, yet he did it for nearly 20 years. I only hope that he was brutally raped in prison, but I doubt it.
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