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Originally Posted by Towknie View Post
I don't recall the thread, but it's common banter among "the boys" to insult each other's masculinity by stating that someone needs to take off the panties, put the big girl panties on, or that he's got his panties all tied up in a knot. Maybe not a lot of women have been around to hear this, but it is definitely insulting, and definitely sexist. /responsetohijack
Oh, yeah, that's totally sexist, but it's not why I dislike the word panties. It just sounds kinds icky and demeaning--it's very little girl-esque.

I've been known to tell people to put on their big boy/girl pants and take care of their problems like an adult. And I don't see any sexism in the "panties in a wad" phrase. I just really hate the word "panties." It grates on me.
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