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Originally Posted by Sly Dog View Post
It is a "non-story" why? She out and out lied about running for her life under sniper fire;
Excuse me? She has corrected her statement from "under sniper fire" to "in danger of sniper fire."
same as she out and out lied when she said Chelsea had been in the World Trade Center the morning of 9/11.
Absolute balderdash. If Clinton is a liar for saying "under fire" instead of "in danger of fire," what are you?

She was shot at and had to run for cover, total BS.
She never said she was shot at.
Chelsea was in New York when the towers were hit, the Clintons had no idea if she was safe or not until hours later, very probably so. Chelsea was in the towers when they were hit, total BS.
Mediamatters on this:

Perhaps it's a "non-story" because Hillary has told so many lies that it ceases to be topical when she tells another?
I am glad you are able to draw from your similar expertise.
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