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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
Fortunately my schedule is flexible enough that I could take one of the volunteer reschedule things. I'll certainly be more inclined to do so after this.
So basically you're saying you'll volunteer as tribute so some other poor soul doesn't get dragged from the crowd by armed guards. That's gracious of you, but this shouldn't be The Hunger Games.
The airline business is so odd. In what other business would you even inconvenience a customer to re-deploy your employees, let alone remove him against his will?
None that operate in a free society. Hotels might overbook people, but they don't search your bag, pat your genitals, photograph you naked, and rip you bloodied from your bed so they can give it to an employee.

"Why are you being so belligerent? You can wait in our lobby till a room opens up. Here. Have some pretzels."

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