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Happy Tuesday!


1. Ed Sheeran's first three studio albums have one-character names. What symbol is so far notable for its absence from the set?
The three records so far are called +, , and . If the pattern holds, − will be out in 2020.

2. Beavers, muskrats, capybaras, platypi, and otters are all mammals with what unusual anatomical feature, which they share with many birds, including ducks--but not coots?
These mammals--but not coots!--have webbed feet. Other mammals reportedly born with webbed toes: Ashton Kutcher and Joseph Stalin.

3. Who's the only president depicted on U.S. currency specifically because of his personal association with that denomination?
Franklin Roosevelt replaced "Winged Liberty" on the dime in 1946, because he had founded the March of Dimes during his presidency to fight polio.

4. The Oxford English Dictionary lists two traditional duties physically performed by a church's "sexton." Name either.
Sextons presumably have plenty to keep them busy, but the OED highlights their two traditional responsibilities: ringing church bells and digging churchyard graves.

5. The only two world capitals with hyphens in their names both begin with what set of four letters?
Porto-Novo, Benin and Port-au-Prince, Haiti are both ports.

6. Angelo Dundee, Ferdie Pacheco, and Drew Bundini Brown are best known for their association with what famous person?
They were all cornermen of the Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these TV characters? Phoebe Buffay, Edith Bunker, Landry Clarke, Frasier Crane, Sherlock Holmes, Leonard Hofstadter, Gregory House, Lane Kim, William Riker, Lisa Simpson.
Each plays a musical instrument. Or "plays" in Landry's case. Crucifictorious!


1. What city's legal code was overhauled by the lawmaker Solon?

2. On the American Film Institute's 2003 list of the fifty greatest movie villains of all time, there are two different characters that have flesh and blood, but no bones. Who are they?

3. Chris Patten, the current chancellor of Oxford University, was the last governor of what from 1992 to 1997?

4. Felix Mendelssohn wrote eight celebrated volumes of Songs Without what?

5. Anne with an E is the new Netflix series based on the novels of what writer?

6. Scientists E. E. Barnard, Max Wolf, and Adriaan van Maanen are probably best known today for having what named after them?

7. What unusual distinction is shared by all these objects? A bucket, a dog, a fishhook, a flagpole, a flower, a football, a kettle, a pastry, a pig, smoked meat, a turban.

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