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Originally Posted by ChasFink View Post
They could even have moved into the kiosk area - like Redbox, which still seems to be doing business. Then they could have slowly reduced stores while increasing the online and kiosk areas.

BTW, I'm not sure they had "agreements to rent out movies" per se. I believe it is legal to just buy copies of tapes or DVDs and rent them out without paying royalties, based on the concessions made by the studios in the dawn of the video rental business. Of course, they probably had deals to get early releases, mass discounts, exclusive content, etc. with some distributors.
Originally Posted by Beachlife! View Post
I don't think that is true. Movies usually have a disclaimer at the beginning stating that it is only licensed for personnel use.
Back in 84-85 my parents owned a video store* which I worked in. We had a computer system the would list how much a video cost, how many times it had been rented and how much it had made. So as far as I know you just bought the videos and rented it out. Back in those days it cost quite a bit to buy a movie, like a 80 to 100 dollars. So much that very few people bought a movies to keep. Unless you really, really liked it.

*They owned a newsagency a few doors from it and my parents bought it when the owner got into financial difficulty.
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