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Originally Posted by BringTheNoise View Post
The article was published the day after Churchill was voted the Greatest Briton in History. I'm not denying the many good things he did, or even that he didn't deserve the title, but the public perception is VERY one sided.
I just checked out the Greatest Briton poll.

According to this, Brunel beat out Churchill is the web vote and the Dcable vote, only losing to the late PM due to defeat in the Dsat vote. (I can guess what Dcable and Dsat are, but have to admit to the terms being new to me.)

I realize that Brunel is a lot more famous in Britain than here, but even allowing for that, it seems to me that Churchill has much more name recognition than Brunel, and that name recognition counts for an awful lot in such contests. Given that, and the fact that people were forced to choose from a list of just ten possibilities, I question whether Churchill's 19%/20%/29% depending on vote media was all that stupendous.
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