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Three that come to mind:

The Charmin commercial from a few years ago where they decided to take the mysterious blue water thing one step further and use toothpaste to represent the, uh, product toilet paper was supposed to be used on. Instead of coming up with a non-offensive way to show the effectiveness of their brand, they just flashed 'Toothpaste = S***!!!!' all over the screen.

The Febreze commercials that are supposed to show how effective their stuff is by bringing blindfolded people into rooms filled with rotting food or old gym equipment and commenting about how fresh it smells. TV is visual, so now I'm going to end up associating the product with the visual of three day old pizza and gym socks, no matter how much the Not-a-paid-actors tell me they're smelling fresh fields.

Finally, there's a hair colour commercial that twists my brain into knots whenever I hear it. It's a guy talking about how how he's aged, but his wife is still the woman he married and how "Kate is still Kate". So, somehow naturally going grey would make her less of who she really is than artificially altering her appearance (not to mention that he's allowed to get older, but it's implied that he loves her all the more because she still looks like the young thing he remembers). It rubs me completely the wrong way, even though I happily get highlights put in my own hair. I do it because I like the colour better, not because I think it makes me more 'me'.
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