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Originally Posted by Mouse View Post
If you look over history, most assassinations were done by losers who had the best possible luck at the worst possible time. It certainly is true, regarding presidential assassins. About the only one who wasn't a complete loser was John Wilkes Booth who had been making a successful living as an actor before all this, but the rest? Complete and total losers, every last one of them.
In an American-centric sort of way, you are correct. But in the rest of the world, it is not the same.

Just in my lifetime I can recall several assassinations that were not done by losers:

Anwar Sadat, President of Egypt - 1979 - Assassinated while attending a parade
Presidents of Burundi and Rwanda - 1994 - Assassinated in a plane shot down by a missile, resulting in the Rwandan Genocide
Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv Gandhi - 1984 and 1991 (I believe) - both assassinated by bodyguards
Rafiq Hariri, PM of Lebanon - 2005 - Assassinated by a Hezbollah car bomb
Benazair Bhutto, Pakistan - 2007 - Assassinated in ambush in a crowd
Olaf Palme, PM of Sweden - 1986 - Gunned down professionally in the street
Lord Louis Mountbatten - 1975 - bomb on his boat planted by IRA

I finally opened up Wikipedia to see if there were any that were carried out by losers, and for significant persons, there weren't. However, prior to my lifetime, there were, obviously.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Anastasio Somoza García, President of Nicaragua
Luis Miguel Sánchez Cerro, President of Peru

I did notice, however, that there was a considerable number of losers that killed others in the US outside of heads of state:

- politicians like Gabby Giffords and those targetted by Dylan Roof
- John Lennon
- Mike Swoboda, mayor of a town (shot by a citizen on a rampage)
- Multiple abortion providers whose shooters believed they were working on behalf of God
- a couple other celebrities (Selena and Christina Grimmie) killed by fans

So, I can see where the idea that the bumblers are leading the wagon.

Meanwhile, outside the US, it seems largely a result of terror acts (since the end of WWII) or political fighting.

Very interesting to see different perspectives.
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