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Originally Posted by crocoduck_hunter View Post
I admittedly know very little about motorcycles, but I seem to recall hearing that for a long time Harley Davidson has made more money off selling branded merchandise vs selling motorcycles. I recall hearing that the bikes themselves were really more about image than quality: performance wise they're supposedly on the low end of the spectrum.
Originally Posted by WildaBeast View Post
That's exactly what a former coworker who does ride motorcycles said -- that Harleys are based on very dated technology (what Richard calls "traditional"), and that they're more about image than making good bikes.
That is my father's opinion too, that they are relying completely on image. . He is not a bike rider and hasn't been one for over 50 years but he keeps up on these things.

I remember, about twenty years ago, when a first got the internet at home, a women who I would catch the bus with, and her boyfriend coming over to do some research on the net on Harleys. He had just bought a new Harley and wasn't happy. I don't what he expected to find on their website to help him with "lemon" he had bought but I thought I would have him out.

Dad has said that one of the original owners (either Mr Harley or Mr Davidson) wasn't happy with how the company was going now and had brought it back to fix things. I can't comment on the truth of this though. Are they even still alive.
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