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Originally Posted by Seaboe Muffinchucker View Post
Oh, I recall that, too. A lot of the authors note that while he was personally conservative, he was more than willing to take advantage of those liberal ideas (such as free love and communes) that benefited him.

Let's face it. Manson didn't perceive people as human beings deserving of life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness, he perceived them as objects to be manipulated into serving his desires.

I think that, like most cult leaders and other chronic manipulators, he simply had a natural talent at seeking out those who were easiest to exploit. This category tends to belong to the disenfranchised: minorities, women, vagrants, the mentally ill, drug users and those with extreme political views. During his time, his primary hunting ground would have contained more than the standard-population amount of the kind of people who would have been dismissed as 'hippies'.

What has always fascinated me about people like him is that he, and others like him, were not very intelligent.

It's easy to assume that manipulation is a kind of intelligence, but for some people it seems to have been more of an inherent charm. How can a below-average intelligence bigot without any kind of original ideas have been so charming, though? How is it that some people seem to have a kind of charisma without the likeability factor? Terry Pratchett called it "charisn'tma": where somebody is so awful they attract people in a kind of horrified fascination. But even that suggests that the followers know there is something wrong with the person they are following.

Nigel Farage has this quality, too. And Trump, come to think of it. No real charisma, no charm, no bright spark of intellect, no wit, no new ideas, no overpowering physical presence - but all the 'follow me' power of a loaded missile.
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