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Originally Posted by RivkahChaya View Post
. . . At least that's what the guys on some badly spelled Christian websites tell me.
To invoke Guadere's Law, there was a misspelling in your post...

But, more seriously, this is something that has perplexed me -- but which I also have found oddly comforting: in the "desktop publishing era," anyone ought to be able to put together a web site that is nicely laid-out, informative, organized, with correct spelling and grammar. Why is it that extremist sites so often give themselves away by their horrid formatting? Is there some deep-seating psychological need to express their zealotry and extremism even at the level of their lay-out?

I'm pleased by it, to be sure! I would love to live in a world where evil -- or at least stupidity -- always betrayed itself in its seeming. But isn't one of the tenets of most religions that evil can come in a goodly guise? Why haven't so many of these creeps figured out how to present themselves convincingly?

Silas (by the law cited, there must be at least one typographical error in this post, also! So---hear's one!)
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