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King Richard III of England had scoliosis. Bad scoliosis. I guess everyone who has been following the finding of Richard's remains knows that by now. But his scoliosis was so bad, that scientists were wondering how Richard could have worn armour, ridden a horse, and led men into battle.
Well, among the people following the finding of Richard III was a young man with an identical case of scoliosis to that of Richard. He contacted the people working the find of Richard to say "Hey, I have the same thing." To his surprise they asked him if he was up for a rather unusual challenge.
They wanted him to learn to ride a horse, exercise a lot, and wear a suit of armour. They wanted to see if someone with scoliosis as bad as Richard's could wear armour, ride and fight.
Well, it took some doing. But after several months or riding lessons, exercise and getting used to wearing a suit of armour, this young man proved that it was indeed possible for someone with severe scoliosis to ride and fight and wear armour at the same time.
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