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Last year I hauled out my (somewhat grainy, probably bootleg) copy of the 1991 BBC TV movie "Bernard and the Genie," which is a charming, funny holiday tale by Richard Curtis, starring Alan Cumming (very young and fresh-faced), Lenny Henry, and Rowan Atkinson.

I also have a VHS of "On the Twelfth Day..." which is a 1955 British short film which my mom and I laughed ourselves sick watching on cable TV late one Christmas Eve long ago. I searched for it for years and finally found two beat-up VHS copies on eBay. Now it's available on YouTube (link above).

I hope someone plays the Albert Finney "Scrooge" this year, as it's probably my favorite version of the tale, if not precisely the best or most accurate.

Other than that, we're a "Christmas Story" family. I'm actually one of the few people who went to see it on its original release, in a movie theater, long before it became a TV classic. I never get tired of it - although I don't need to watch it all day on Christmas Day.
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