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I'm not a Grinch, but I've been so swamped with Christmas music and movies every year that I no longer have any interest. But my wife will watch almost any Christmas TV show and movie, from the old Rankin/Bass stuff to whatever pops up on Lifetime or the Hallmark Channel - even if it's way out of season (I believe Hallmark had a run of Christmas movies back in the summer). Last night I called her bluff and we watched a couple of groaners called Christmas on the Bayou and Christmas in Mississippi on Lifetime. She gave up before I did! Not that I was actually watching, nor was she, but she went to bed first. Don't think she'll let me pick a Christmas show again...

On the plus side, Christmas on the Bayou starred Ed Asner, or, as I pointed out to my son, the voice of Granny Goodness.
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