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OK, I'll play.

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Welcome to the ULMB!

Questions (updated 27 June 2007):
  1. What is the first posting guideline?

    1) Check the main site at before posting an inquiry here to ensure that your question hasn't already been answered.

  2. What are the ages of the youngest, and oldest, registered posters?

    The youngest posters are Dtay and Silent-Bob at 13 years of age. The oldest poster is denby13 at 93 years old.

  3. Link to at least three threads where the word "sloth" was used.

    1. Posted by Four Kitties

    2. Posted by Singing in the Drizzle

    3. Posted by Don Enrico

  4. What is a "bookachow" and how is it properly used?

    From The ULMB Wikitory
    Bookachow! is a term used to direct members to an earlier thread or an article on if what they posted has already been discussed. It was coined in 2000 by Autolycus, who said it sounded like someone instantaneously dashing off and then dashing right back again, information in hand; a cartoon sound.

    "Book" in Bookachow can be changed to another word pertaining to the topic. For example, "Hookachow" can be used when linking someone to the bloody hook legend.

    After threads are chowed, they are usually closed so there are not multiple threads on one subject.

  5. What is a sock puppet?

    sock puppet n. A fake persona used to discuss or comment on oneself or one's work, particularly in an online discussion group or the comments section of a blog. —adj.
    —sock puppeteer n.
    —sock puppetry n.
Ok, let's see how that worked.


ETA: How do I get my answers not to be in the quote?

I'll come back later and do the troll questions
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